Welcome to the documentation for Chatbull Expo!

This documentation is an API documentation for the Web App, Mobile App and Desktop App. This not only gives a better understanding of the APIs but is also helpful to lead the developer to customize or extend the application further.

Important Terms

Access Token

This is the token which user would create for each site they add in the admin panel of Chatbull. This will always be unique for each site and based on this the Chatbox widget code will be generated which further could be placed on the website where the you want to show the Chatbox for website visitors.

This token will be sent by either GET param "token" or Header variable "Accesstoken". This is the token which helps the Chatbull system to identify the site and take actions based on per site.

So, the Access Token is to validate all the APIs mentioned under VISTOR CHATBOX APIs

Application Access Token

This is the token which is used to validate the APIs listed under DESKTOP APIs and MOBILE APIs. Application Access Token will be generated during the app installation and can be found in application/config/config.php with the variable name "application_token"

Server Node Environment

Server Node Environment is URL of our APIs server.